New ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ club aims to spread positivity throughout school


Julia Bryant

The newly-formed “Random Acts of Kindness” club meets every Wednesday at 3:35 in Room 330.

Abby Ann Ramsey, Entertainment Editor

With piles of homework on top of difficult social situations, high schoolers can often feel overwhelmed and be pessimistic. Bearden’s new “Random Acts of Kindness” club, however, hopes to counteract this by spreading positivity.

Juniors Madelyn Webb and Katie Rogers came up with the idea in Ms. Lee Ann Wright’s speech class. They wanted to have an opportunity to make other people feel appreciated for their hard work in and outside of school every day.

“I just think people who don’t get recognized for their good actions need to be, and I wanted to be able to do that for them,” Webb said.

The club also aims to rally support amongst peers throughout the school. The idea is that if students see people making an effort to encourage others, they might provide the same support.

“I wanted to help encourage all the students to be more kind to one another and always lift their peers up,” junior member Katie Creech said. “I want to try to promote change in the way the student body treats each other as a whole.”

Recently, club members posted sticky notes with encouraging messages in the bathrooms. Their ideas for possible future projects include face painting at basketball games and hosting an outdoor movie night.

Currently, the club is small as it has just started, but more members could help accomplish some of the big goals they have, so anyone interested in spreading encouragement is welcome to join.

“My favorite part about the club so far is being able to meet new people and also helping others who are either in a bad place, need to be lifted up during the day, or just need to be told that they are appreciated,” Creech said.

The “Random Acts of Kindness” club meets every Wednesday at 3:35 in Room 330.