Senior Committee now taking applications for students to represent the Class of 2020


The Class of 2019 senior committee takes a group photo at a meeting earlier this year.

Abby Ann Ramsey, Entertainment Editor

As the Class of 2019 prepares to graduate next month, the Class of 2020 has an opportunity to apply for next year’s Senior Committee.

Senior Committee is an organization that plans the senior gift, community service events, fundraising projects, and the senior quote.

“Overall, I would say the goal is to represent the senior class in all of the special events and situations that go on,” Senior Committee sponsor Mrs. Anne Fine said.

Because of this goal of representation, students from all types of backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Diversity in the committee allows for a wide range of perspectives and ideas that will most appropriately suit the Class of 2020.

“We want to pull from all areas of the school,” Mrs. Fine said. “In order to represent the class as a whole, we like applicants like someone whose passion is football… or whose passion is orchestra, and so it’s not just somebody who might be in the running for valedictorian.”

This variety of students provides members with a wonderful learning opportunity where they can make a difference in more than just their individual lives as they work and communicate with their peers on various projects.

“It’s a very good committee for leadership and bringing together people,” Mrs. Fine said. “I think it teaches [students] to look at all the different people who attend Bearden who are in the senior class and not just make the decision based on themselves.”

Students applying must have an unweighted GPA of at least 3.25 and have no history of disciplinary problems. With a total of 25 members, nine will be voted on by teachers, eight by the rising senior class, and four more by the Senior Committee. The other four members are SGA’s senior class officers.

Applications to be on next year’s Senior Committee are now available to be picked up in Room 323. They should be turned in by 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.