Bearden to host sports medicine workshop for students in June


Bearden trainer Kristen Cook (right) works with junior receiver Hayden Candela while senior Lauren Stuckey looks on. Stuckey has been a part of Bearden’s sports medicine program this year.

Lydia Battey, Staff Writer

A sports medicine workshop for students interested in becoming an athletics training aide and assisting during the football season will be held on June 4 and 5.

The workshop will take place at Bearden in the CTE building.

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce the basic concepts of training to high school students. Athletics training aides provide support for coaches and certified athletics trainers, while also gaining hands-on experience.

The actual workshop will focus on educating students on the fundamentals of treating and preventing injuries, as well as interactive labs and lectures.

“There are lots of hands-on experiences as well while learning evaluation skills, wrapping techniques, and CPR training,” Bearden trainer Kristen Cook said. “We also have program directors from local athletic training programs come and answer any questions about continuing on in the field as well as an ambulance/fire truck tour and demo.”

The workshop can help students determine if sports medicine is a field they would like to pursue. Additionally, they can take away bigger ideas, such as taking control of stressful situations.  

“The biggest thing that I learned is that it is important to take leadership and not stay back and let someone else do it,” said Lauren Stuckey, a Bearden senior and athletics training aide. “I encourage people to take this [workshop] because it gives you an inside look of what goes on during an injury.”

Students can visit to register for the workshop.