Stonefish to play at Rhythm N’ Blooms Music Festival on Sunday


Emma Kate Poole, Staff Writer

Rhythm N’ Blooms Music Festival is back again in Knoxville, running Friday through Sunday.

One of the bands featured is Stonefish, which includes two Bearden students from the Class of 2019, a Bearden alum, and two West High School students. Stonefish also played recently at Battle of the Bands last weekend at the Mill & Mine.

“We didn’t win this year, but it taught us that we must make better use of our time at practices if we want to succeed,” Bearden senior and drummer Ben Collins said.  

Stonefish will play Rhythm N’ Blooms on Sunday from 1-2 p.m. on Cripple Creek Stage.

The band played in Battle of the Bands last year for the first time, and it proved beneficial to them. Stonefish got booked to play in Rhythm N’ Blooms after highly impressing a judge at Battle of the Bands.

“Battle of the Bands, last year, gave us some exposure, and we made a connection with one of the judges who reached out to us to play Rhythm N’ Blooms this year,” Bearden senior and bassist Mac Chandler said.

The band has been working extremely hard in anticipation for the festival, and they feel prepared and excited to play at the festival.

“This past month, we have been practicing two to three times a week on top of writing new songs,” Chandler said. “We have really been focusing on our live set in preparation for Rhythm N’ Blooms and are continuing to evolve our sound by adding new elements to our live performance.”

Playing at Rhythm N’ Blooms will give Stonefish great exposure and experience that will tremendously help them grow as a band.

“Rhythm N’ Blooms will not only give us more popularity and exposure, but it will also give us connections in the future as we grow as a band,” Collins said. “Festivals like these are a great opportunity for lesser known bands to get their sound out there and hopefully lead to more shows.”