Improv team holding ice cream social Friday to kick off workshop cycle


Lily Price, Staff Writer

As school begins this year, extracurricular clubs are beginning to start back up, and many are hoping for new students.

Bearden’s improv team “It’s in the Jeans,” headed by Ben Barber and Jesse Mullins, is one of the clubs looking for ways to find new members.

“It’s in the Jeans” will hold an ice cream social this Friday starting at 3:45 p.m. in Room 302, Mrs. Lauren Andrejko’s room.

“The purpose of the ice cream social is to bring awareness of auditions in a fun, engaging way,” Barber said.

The social is the beginning of auditions for improv. There are three workshops on the next three Mondays, starting on Aug. 12. The club will hold auditions on Sept. 2 for those who participated in the previous workshops.

“Improv helps bring people out of their shells and pushes them farther… joining improv is simply just fun,” Barber said. “My favorite part about improv is that it is real world application and the community we build amongst one another.”

Last year, “It’s in the Jeans” had 15 members, and 10 of those members will return this year. After auditions, Improv will meet two to four times a week and will have their first show in December.