SGA introduces new application for 2019-20 membership


Olivia Hailey

SGA president Abby Ann Ramsey (right) and new member coordinator Tiana Sprowls (left) present to SGA members at a meeting after school last week.

Emma Kate Poole, Staff Writer

Bearden’s SGA is implementing a new application for joining the club this year.

SGA did not ask students to apply last year, which caused some membership issues that the club wants to resolve this year.

“We decided after last year, when we didn’t have an application system, we wanted something where students could show their dedication to SGA as a first step, so we could know that they were willing to put in some work and that it wasn’t just something to put on college applications,” SGA Vice President Ellie Raulston said.

Anyone can join, and they are looking for people who want to participate in helping the betterment of the club and the school. 

“We don’t have an ideal student in mind, just someone who is willing to be involved and put some work in,” Raulston said. “Just be yourself, and if you are willing to put in the work, you will do well in SGA.”

SGA is not particular about who can apply, so grades and rigor of classes do not matter. They are mainly looking for students who will commit to the club and be involved in the many ways SGA serves the school.

“Right now you don’t have to be in all AP classes and stuff like that,” SGA President Abby Ann Ramsey said. “We are looking for anyone who is interested in just helping with school events and supporting the student body.”

The application includes questions about leadership such as a student’s leadership style and motivation for being a leader. The application also asks students to describe their strengths and how those strengths might be applicable to the club.

Students interested in joining can get an application in Mr. Cody Martin’s room, 417, and return it by Monday.