Students encouraged to go all out for decades-themed homecoming 


Lydia Battey, Entertainment Editor

Bearden students will gather in the West Mall on Friday night for this year’s homecoming dance.

Students will sport outfits from a multitude of time periods for this year’s Decades theme. 

Students are encouraged to pick their favorite decade or choose a decade based off of what they have in their closet. Students are not limited to a designated decade per grade so they are encouraged to go all out.

The dance will start at 9 p.m. and continue until 11:30 and will be fairly similar to previous dances.

“Generally, everything will be the same; I think our decoration will have more variety because we’re working with so many different decades,” SGA historian Olivia Hailey said.

The decorations will be colorful and vibrant to reflect all the different decades.

SGA is anticipating a great turnout for the dance as they feel students, especially seniors, have been showing lots of school spirit this year.

“It feels like there is more spirit than there has been in  previous years,” Hailey said. “The senior class is finally getting into it.” 

Along with more school spirit, SGA has acquired lots of new people this year and are hoping that through their new members they will have a larger, more diverse crowd at the dance. 

Tickets are $10 and can be bought in the West Mall during lunch this week or at the door on Friday night.