Theatre classes, annual staff work together for memorable senior superlatives


Olivia Hailey

Annual staff member Lauren Hall presents Meaghan Chase with her Best All-Around superlative.

Lily Price, Staff Writer

Each year, Bearden takes part in the tradition of senior superlatives, announcing them with a unique twist through Annual Skits. Theatre I and II students create skits for each category of the senior superlatives, and they use them to announce the winners of each one. 

The superlatives are announced by members of Bearden’s annual staff after each skit is performed, and each year, one junior staff member is chosen to be in charge of the superlatives, resulting in one student to know all of the winners several weeks before they are announced. 

Junior yearbook editor Allie Ballinger was the designated staff member for the job this year. Ballinger had to hide results from many people, even when asked. 

“It was hard to keep it under wraps because I had to plan who was announcing the superlatives, and Sam Crawford [an Annual staff member] won wittiest,” Ballinger said. “I didn’t want to accidentally expose it or announce it.

“It was hard in that aspect and just knowing the people that won without being able to tell them.”

This year, Collin Ironside and Meaghan Chase were the winners of the Best All Around category.

“It’s just an honor to win out of a class so big,” Ironside said. “Especially Bearden High School, since we’re one of the biggest high schools in the state.”

Added Chase: “I feel so honored that my peers think of me that highly.”

Evan Vaughn and Kyndal Rentschler, who are dating, won the superlative for Best Dressed.

“When my parents were in high school, they both won best dressed,” Rentschler said. “I thought it would be really cool if me and Evan could win and kind of be like my parents.”

Annual skits gives students across all grades the opportunity to participate in giving seniors recognition, while making the superlatives memorable for the future.

“It was very sweet and exciting,” Chase said. “It is going to be really fun to look back on this when I am older.”

Senior superlatives also give seniors the chance to reflect on their class as a whole and those who stood out with certain traits.

“I think it shows how people view other people, and that they have respect for someone based on a certain quality,” Ironside said. “I think it’s cool how you can see, out of such a big class, the people that stand out in that class.”

The combination of skits and superlatives makes the night exciting and anticipated by students of all grades. 

“It’s something fun we get to do, and it’s something everyone looks forward to,” Ballinger said. “It’s a night dedicated to seniors and senior superlatives, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

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Here are the Class of 2020 superlative winners:
Best Dressed: Evan Vaughn and Kyndal Rentschler
Friendliest: Ben Cruze and Blythe Lundberg
Most Talented: Ben Barber and Julia Ozdych
Wittiest: Sam Crawford and Abby Ann Ramsey
Most Creative: Parker Jones and Chloe Young
Most School Service: Chris Lemons and Tori Patton
Most School Spirit: Nick Doty and Kyleigh Campbell
Most Likely to Succeed: Ryan McIntyre and Samaya Baljepally
Best Looking: Jacob Balsley and Haley Bourne
Most Athletic: Hayden Candela and Abby Brewer
Most Intellectual: JP Catuncan and Claire Blankenship
Best All Around: Collin Ironside and Meaghan Chase

Here is the list of Who’s Who winners:
Samaya Baljepally
John Beam
Claire Blankenship
Hannah Bowman
Abby Brewer
Hayden Candela
JP Catuncan
Ben Cruze
Jakhyia Davis
Olivia Hailey
Collin Ironside
Parker Jones
Ben Keziah
Joseph Knight
Thomas Knight
Chris Lemons
Alyssa Lewis
Blythe Lundberg
Tori Patton
Abby Ann Ramsey