Senior Committee to sell Chick-n-Minis every Wednesday as fundraiser for senior gift


Olivia Hailey

Senior Committee meets this week in sponsor Mrs. Anne Fine’s room.

Emma Kate Poole, Staff Writer

Senior Committee is now selling Chick-fil-A’s Chick-n-Minis to raise money for the senior class gift. Other clubs sell chicken biscuits, smoothies, and cookies, but Senior Committee is the first club to sell this popular Chick-fil-A breakfast item. 

Students can buy a box of four Chick-n-Minis for $4 in the West Mall and The Pit areas every Wednesday morning before and after first block.

“No club is selling minis yet, and we polled a bunch of students who said they would buy the minis if we sold them, so we decided to give them a try,” Senior Committee President Ben Cruze said. “We know other clubs like the wrestling and dance teams have been successful selling chicken biscuits, so we hope the minis will be a big hit as well.”

Every year, Senior Committee’s main goal is to fundraise for the senior gift, which is the annual tradition for the senior class to give something back to Bearden. They have some ideas in mind for the gift this year, and the sale of the chicken minis is expected to help finance this gift. 

“Hopefully, the minis will be pretty popular, and we will be able to use most of the profits to fund the senior gift,” Cruze said.

Other fundraising that the committee has tried so far this year has not been as successful as they hoped, including selling Krispy Kreme donuts, but they believe that the Chick-n-Minis will be different.

“We came up with the idea once we saw a decline in our donuts sales,” Senior Committee Fundraising Co-Chair Hannah Bowman said. “Once we decided to go a different route, we wanted to find another breakfast food that people would enjoy just as much or even more than donuts.”

Stay tuned to The Bark and BBN in the months to come for more news on the Class of 2020 senior gift.