Bearden’s Pen Pal Club revives tradition of connecting the world with handwritten letters


Lily Price

Junior Courtney McKnight (far right) and junior Sydney Theobald chat at one of the recent Pen Pal Club meetings.

Lily Price, Staff Writer

Bearden’s Pen Pal Club lets students of all grades connect with people of various ages, nationalities, and interests. Initially connecting on, students are able to share addresses with people they meet and begin to send letters, packages, and stationery to their new pen pals.

“It is not necessary to write an endless letter,” president and junior Courtney McKnight said. “You can even just add extras like stickers or playlists. Whatever you enjoy, you can find someone across the country or world that has those same interests.”

Many of the students involved have not only become closer with the other students in the club, but they have also become close friends with the pen pals that they have had the chance to connect with. 

I have never met someone in person that I was originally pen pals with, but I have become close friends with many of my pen pals,” McKnight said. “It’s interesting what all you can learn through the letters and extras they send.”

Even though it’s easier than ever to connect with people around the globe, one of the unique aspects of the club is the traditional, letter-sending aspect. Members of the club initially meet pen pals on the internet, but they are given the chance to connect further by handwriting letters.

“For me, I really like having the feeling of the pencil in my hand when I write,” junior member Sydney Theobald said. “It’s easier to connect to people when you have your handwriting there in front of them. You don’t get that on a computer.”

Pen Pal Club meetings are Tuesday mornings at 8 a.m. in Room 327. Students involved have the chance to create unique, lasting friendships with people across the globe in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

People should join pen-pals because it’s an amazing place to connect with others both around the world and in the school,” McKnight said. “It is a club that is perfect for anyone interested.”