Annual staff working hard to create 2019-20 yearbook


Alyssa Lewis

Editors Emma Vaughn (left) and Allie Ballinger (right) have been working hard on the annual since the fall.

Lydia Battey, Entertainment Editor

The students in Bearden’s annual class work hard throughout the year to create a yearbook that captures student life and celebrates the school year as a whole.

Co-editors Allie Ballinger and Emma Vaughn started the year brainstorming themes, creating layouts, and passing out deadlines. As the year has continued, they have shifted their focus to revising and making sure they meet their finish date, all while remembering to have fun.

“On an average day, our staff members are working on pages and running around the school taking photos,” Ballinger said. “[We] are usually editing and planning to make sure that the book will be finished in time and looks its best.

“Also, a lot of music is playing.”

When creating the yearbook itself, the staff goes by sections. In August, staff starts with student life, then student photos, and they are now working on sports and clubs. Staff members are assigned pages of the yearbook to complete with deadlines, giving them lots of creative freedom but requiring self regulation. 

“Making sure I meet deadlines is really preparing me for college,” senior staff member Sam Crawford said. “Being on staff for the past three years has really taught me to work against the clock.”

Though the pressure is on to create a yearbook more exceptional than ones from the past, the annual staff is still able to incorporate fun and entertainment into their average day.

“Every day in the yearbook is memorable, but my favorite moments are when we are having fun together,” Vaughn said. “From potlucks, to taking pictures and walking around outside, to jamming to music in the yearbook room, the staff makes yearbook not just a class but a friendship.”

The staff radiates a closeness with each other and the Bearden community that will allow them to create a unique yearbook that will greatly showcase the 2019-2020 school year. 

Yearbooks are available to order at until the end of February.