Seniors have opportunity to paint parking spaces for band fundraiser


Senior Kate Myers was inspired by the show Friends for the design of her painted parking space.

Emma Kate Poole, News Editor

Bearden seniors have the opportunity to paint assigned parking spaces for the first time in school history.

Painting senior parking spaces has been widely practiced for years among high schools across the nation, and the marching band is starting the tradition at Bearden.

“We hope that this will be an opportunity for students to express themselves through positive artwork, to beautify our campus, to build school spirit, and to create a new senior tradition,” band director Mrs. Megan Christian said.

While the main goal is to raise money for the band, members are also hoping to start a new tradition that will carry on for years to come.

If enough people are excited enough about painting parking spaces their senior year, I think this tradition will last and I’m excited to see how colorful the senior lot will become through this fundraiser,” senior Evelyn Winn said. “This tradition is such a great way to commemorate the seniors and allow them to express their creativity.”

This fundraiser is a completely unique experience compared with what the band has done in the past, and the band feels that it will be a positive difference. 

“This fundraiser, specifically for Bearden Band, differs from our usual big fundraiser, the car wash,” Winn said. “Honestly, I am super excited to see how this fundraiser goes. 

“It’s such a great way to support the band program and also provides Bearden’s seniors with a chance to make it special and memorable.”

To paint a parking space, seniors first will have to have received and paid for a parking pass from the school. They will then have to have a paint design approved and pay a $65 fee to the Bearden Band Boosters.

“This fundraiser is different because it isn’t reliant upon us selling items,” senior and drum major Aliza Blackmon said. “It’s definitely a positive difference because we get to focus on spreading the word and building school spirit, and I think a lot of the seniors are very excited about it.”

Through the fundraiser, the band hopes to bring not only money for their program, but also the opportunity to impact the campus environment in Bearden’s own way. 

“As far as I am aware, Bearden would be the first school in Knox County to pilot this event,” Mrs. Christian said. “It provides us with an opportunity to showcase the many talents, skills, interests, and big hearts of our community.”

Students who participate will get to select the location of their spot, based on availability of remaining spots.

“It gives each senior the ability to leave their mark on the school while providing the band an opportunity to raise funds for instruments, travel, and other costs of running our program,” Blackmon said. “I hope the Bearden community will embrace it and it will continue for years to come.”