Virtual Enterprise creates video game to promote kindness, teamwork  


Emma Kate Poole, News Editor

Bearden’s 2020-21 Virtual Enterprise has created a video game as their product, something Virtual Enterprise has only done once before.

Last year, Virtual Enterprise stood out amongst other companies’ products in the competition with their video game, and this year they wanted to emulate that uniqueness by creating a new video game called Nakama. 

“We decided to have a video game as our product to use our talented coders and graphic designers at Bearden that many other schools don’t have,” said senior Constance Paris, the CEO of Bearden’s Virtual Enterprise. “Also, in the design process, we figured that lots of companies would focus on Covid-19 by creating cleaning products, masks, etcetera.

“We, however, decided to produce a video game that makes people happy and encourages friendships to combat mental roadblocks that may have occurred in many people during quarantine.” 

Virtual Enterprise designed this video game with both an overall goal to inspire kindness and promote positivity in tough times, and to build friendships through problem solving. 

“In our video game, each character, called a ‘blob’, ventures around the game to go through tough tasks that require problem solving,” junior Leini Elder said. “Each time a problem is solved, the world gets lighter, more colorful, and overall happier.

“Our world needs more positivity, kindness, and teamwork, and this game promotes those things.”

Virtual Enterprise has high hopes for the competition this year and they plan to stand out once again among the other companies.

“We are hoping to do well and place within the top 15 of all companies in the entire Virtual Enterprise International,” senior Jackson Looney said.

Virtual Enterprise’s new video game strives to inspire others, while remaining unique.

“Overall, Nakama strives to ‘create kindness with a click’ and stand out among other VE companies,” Paris said.