Bearden theatre to host unique drive-in Musical Revue in response to Covid-19 barriers


Lily Price

Bearden’s musical theatre students rehearse for Sunday’s Musical Revue.

Lily Price, Editor-in-Chief

Bearden theatre’s annual Musical Revue has taken on a new look for the 2020 school year. Instead of the performance typically being at the end of the semester after the musical production, Musical Revue is being held this weekend as theatre’s first official performance of the semester.

Musical Revue consists of groups of both duos and trios of theatre students, and each group performs one song from a variety of musicals. The show also features a dance number with all students in theatre participating.

This year’s Musical Revue will be held in Bearden’s CTE parking lot and has been rescheduled to Sunday at 2 p.m., due to the forecast for rain on Saturday. The admittance fee is $15 per car, and tickets can be purchased online at For up-to-date information and schedule updates, follow @beardentheatre on social media.

“Musical Revue is a great way to bond with classmates in smaller groups and grow individually as an actor with content we aren’t used to performing with,” senior Kendall Phillips said.

Typically, Musical Revue is held inside of Bearden, and anyone is welcome to come. However, the barriers of Covid-19 prevented that for this year. Along with all actors wearing masks during their performances, the production will also be held in the CTE parking lot as a drive-in performance.

Despite the changes, both caused by Covid-19, schedule adjustments, and the presence of an outdoor venue, students in the program have full faith they will perform well and display their talents.

“I think the new format will really push the more theatrical side of us out,” senior Tyler Glover said. “I don’t think it’ll impact us negatively as us being actors we adapt to any changes that are thrown at us.”

The theatre program is taking the obstacles they are faced with in stride, and are using them to better themselves as actors and performers. 

“Because everyone is wearing masks, we’ve really had to emphasize the art of physicality,” senior Amilian Clemes said. “People can’t see our full faces, so we have to show them through our movement, posture, breath, and gestures.”

Musical Revue as a whole also offers theatre students the opportunity to improve their skills and to practice performing.

“Musical Revue impacts the BHS program by allowing each student to individually gain the confidence and composure it takes to fill up a stage by yourself,” Clemes said. “It helps us with our overall musical because everyone can use that knowledge to give the audience a full show.”