Wise excited about working alongside Sayers again as curriculum assistant principal


Cross Fuller

Mr. Russ Wise works in his office in the East Mall. Mr. Wise came to Bearden from Central High School.

Cross Fuller, Staff Writer

Mr. Russ Wise is one of the two new additions to this year’s administrative staff.

Mr. Wise, who grew up in Knoxville, is the new assistant principal overseeing curriculum. He attended the University of Tennessee and got a degree in accounting and went back to school to obtain a degree in education.

He realized his love for working with kids, and saw teaching and coaching soccer as a perfect fit for his career.

“I’ve just always liked working with students,” Mr. Wise said. “I think it is a fun environment for me, and I think students are fun to be around.” 

Mr. Wise is coming to Bearden from working at his alma mater Central High School. His father-in-law, his wife, and his kids also attended Central, and he cherishes all the memories made from Central.

Transitioning from a 10-year tenure at Central, Mr. Wise is excited to be reunited with Mrs. Sayers. 

“I’ve worked with Mrs. Sayers for three or four years at Central, and when I thought this position might be available, I started asking if I could come and work with her again,” Mr. Wise said. 

“I enjoy working with her; I think she is an outstanding administrator.” 

Bearden has a lot of unique characteristics that other schools don’t have, and Mr. Wise recognized that and was excited to switch schools.

“Bearden provided an entirely different environment for education, the number of AP classes you all offer and the number of alternative courses,” Mr. Wise said. “Bearden is a neat place in terms of what you all are able to offer the community support and offer activities for just about everything.”

Mr. Wise’s plan for Bearden High School is to continue the path to provide post-secondary opportunities for students after graduating high school. He wants to make sure that every student walks out of Bearden high school ready and prepared for adulthood and life. 

“We want to make sure that every kid has the same opportunity to be successful,” Mr. Wise said. “Early Post-Secondary Opportunities means providing students with other opportunities rather than the ACT by allowing them to take the ASVAB or getting certified in the industry certification areas like auto mechanics or nutrition.”

He plans on making these opportunities known to all students to allow them freedom and clarity on what success looks like to the student.

“We want to provide something for everybody,” Mr. Wise said. “I am just really lucky to be here because this is a really good school.”

Bearden has welcomed him with warm arms, and he is looking forward to his time at Bearden.