Bearden theatre overcomes challenges to release on demand stream of ‘Sister Act’


Lily Price

From masks to quarantines to video cameras, the cast and crew of Sister Act have persevered through a number of unique challenges this year to be able to still deliver a great show to the Bearden community.

Jannat Bahanni, Staff Writer

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, so many groups have worked hard to bring joy to other people.

And that’s just what Bearden’s theatre department has done with an innovative presentation of a performance of the musical Sister Act.

For the past few months, the cast and crew have worked together to bring this play for the community to enjoy and love, but through a virtual medium rather than a traditional live production.

The recorded musical is available to rent on demand for a 48-hour period at The cost for the streaming rental is $25.

“It has been a challenge for all the actors to learn how to use [their] whole body to tell a story, rather than just facial expressions,” senior actor Natalie Duncan said.

The cast and crew are excited to bring a lighthearted, energetic show to people at a time when they need it most.

Sister Act is a hilarious show that will have [them] laughing and dancing the whole time,” Duncan said.

The cast and crew spent two weeks in tech before recording last weekend. Director Mrs. Lauren Andrejko then edited the performance for the on demand production.

“The biggest challenges [the team] faced from Covid caused by students being quarantined and difficulties raising money, but everyone played their part and wired together to overcome that,” senior set crew head Will Creasman said.

Bearden theatre has been one of many organizations that have worked to combat the challenges faced by Covid-19. Despite the obstacles faced, the program has worked relentlessly to bring a piece of joy to the Bearden and Knoxville community.

“The [missed] opportunity to perform [live] has been saddening for all of us,” Duncan said. “But we keep pushing through.”

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