Bearden library receives grant to diversify book selection, add to research resources


Emma Kate Poole

Senior Dante Brown reads one of the library’s new selections.

Alyssa Gast, Staff Writer

The Bearden library received two grants last fall from the Bearden High School Foundation with the intention of expanding the library database and funding novels necessary for Project Lit, a club new to Bearden.

The Resource Literature Center database received $1700; this resource allows students to complete research on literary elements or criticism. 

The grant also included a donation of ten copies of each of these novels: Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo, They Called Us Enemy by George Takei, and Stamped from the Beginning by Jason Reynolds. The novels were donated to Project Lit, a student-led book club that highlights diverse and culturally relevant books. 

“We are always excited because the things we ask for are outside of our budget, so anytime we can do special projects or things like that, it’s always great for the library and it’s great for the students too,” librarian Mrs. Amy Davis said. 

Because the Bearden library has such a diverse collection of books, it can be difficult to decide which books to add to the selection. 

“With our regular budget, a great majority of it is just popular fiction,” Mrs. Davis said. “We actually got a book order today that has nothing to do with the grants but that is just our regular book budget.”

The regular budget allows the library to apply to everyone’s necessities, including English-language learner books, ACT test prep books, and college admission manuals, along with regular fictional books. 

“While I have read most of the good fantasy/science fiction books in the library by now, they often get new ones, so I can always find something interesting,” senior Maria Kauffman said. “I go to the library every morning, and I honestly wish I could just spend all day there. It is my favorite part of the school.” 

Many students like Kauffman will be pleased to know that the Dawg House Cafe will also be cautiously reopening with Covid-19 precautions in place. The Dawg House Cafe brings character and life to the library which is much needed during these times. 

The library’s purposeful selection of books for new selections along with the Dawg House Cafe creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere for any student at Bearden.