Marching band students help raising funds for upcoming season


Abigail Smith

Bearden marching band students and parents work at Saturday’s car wash fundraiser.

Many instruments used in Bearden’s band organization are several years old. Instruments are expensive, some costing thousands of dollars.

When the Bearden band was in need of new tubas and other instrument repairs, they decided to raise funds by offering reserved parking spots to seniors for $25. 

This fundraiser, like most, goes toward new instruments and equipment,” first vice president of fundraising Dorothy Cunningham said. “This one specifically is going towards a new tuba for the marching season.”

The marching band introduced the parking lot fundraiser in the 2019-2020 school year and originally charged $65 for a personalized parking spot, allowing students to paint their spot; however, this year each spot will be $25 and will not be personalized.

Students can identify reserved spots by a burgundy bulldog paw print painted over it stating “Reserved”. Students who purchase this pass are guaranteed a parking spot in the senior lot for the entirety of the school year.

Members of the band’s executive board are always thinking of new and unique ideas to raise money. The band has several different fundraisers a year to fund their performances. 

Band students volunteer their time and talents in hands-on fundraisers. Saturday was the band’s semi annual car wash fundraiser at the Office Depot on Kingston Pike. Students washed cars, directed traffic, and rinsed cars. 

The band even had its drumline playing along the sidewalk of Kingston Pike, as they are always eager to display Bearden’s musical talent. 

“We do it almost every year,” band member and senior Aidan Smith said. “We basically come out, have fun, and wash cars.

“The proceeds go to transportation, new electrical equipment, new instruments and repairs, as well as competition and exhibition fees.” 

The sentiment is shared among other members of band who are eager to help. 

“We ask for donations, but the car wash is mostly free for people to come,” band member and senior Kenny Ko said. “It’s a fun event for band members since we are with each other.”

Students can look out for the band’s next fundraiser, the third annual holiday fundraiser, during the Christmas season. The band plans on selling wreaths and poinsettias. 

Thanks to the work by members of the band’s executive board of boosters, band teachers and students alike, a tuba player will have a new instrument to use and every working piece of Bearden’s talented band ensemble will be ready for the school year ahead.