‘Skyfall’ soars above expectations for typical action flick

Explosions, intense fight scenes, and constant tension: not too much more could be asked of a film in terms of mediocre entertainment. However, Skyfall , the latest film in the James Bond series, adds astounding cinematography; fitting, creative dialogue; and dynamic performances from a cohesive cast. Adding all of this to the mix makes for an astoundingly good film. If the gorgeously animated opening credits are any indicator of the quality of the rest of the film (which they are), it can be deduced almost instantly that Skyfall would be an excellent addition to the Bond franchise. Timed for release with the 50 th anniversary of the series, Skyfall features Daniel Craig in his third performance as James Bond. Many have called him the best Bond yet, an opinion made even more valid by his outstanding performance in this film. Released in the US on Nov. 8, the film has quickly become the highest-grossing Bond film. Javier Bardem stunningly portrays the main villain, Raoul Silva. Once it becomes possible to get past his interesting coloration in which his dyed-blonde hair nearly resembles his skin pigmentation, it is evident that Bardem is well suited for the role. The real conflict of the film proved to be deciding which was better done: the explosions or the plotline. Astounding cinematography by Roger Deakins captured the best of both. Technological aspects for this film are advanced, almost excessively so, managing to toe the line closely between reality and full-blown fantasy. And, of course, all of this would have been virtually impossible without the evident directing talents of Sam Mendes. The main criticism that could be brought about for this movie is the occasionally cheesy dialogue. It can briefly seem as though the viewer has heard it all before in many different action movies, and then it immediately deviates back into the realm of original dialogue. All of the aforementioned qualities withstanding, it is only fitting that the theme song be an accurate representation of the film’s quality. This was clearly managed in the song of the same name by Adele specifically for the film. It coincides with the previously mentioned gorgeous opening credits and starts the film off on a good note. Overall, Skyfall was an excellent Bond film – the 23 rd one – with Daniel Craig portraying the famed 007 in a standout performance. All aspects of this film lived up to the previously set expectations to make for a film that is truly worth watching. Overall Rating: 8/10 Emily Price is a staff writer for The Bark. Follow The Bark on Twitter @BeardenBARK and like The Bark (Bearden High School) on Facebook.