SGA, leadership reflect on first Second Harvest campaign without competition

Without the yearly competition against Farragut this year, Bearden’s leadership classes and SGA were worried that students wouldn’t be as ready and willing to donate to Second Harvest. And although this year’s donations didn’t quite add up to the level they had been in the past, the amount raised proved something else about the Bearden student body. “This year really showed that Bearden cares about the cause and not just about beating Farragut,” SGA and leadership sponsor Mrs. Rachel Harmon said. This year, Bearden collected approximately 164,426 pounds of food for Second Harvest amounting to more than $49,000 in donations. “There was a climb in money this year,” SGA treasurer Victoria Nelson said. “Like in the first block and the 10 in 10 competition.” The money is measured on a 1 dollar to 4 cans ratio. Bearden’s SGA has an abundance of fundraising tactics including the classics such as spirit night, 10 in 10, the first block competition, and the junior and senior parking lot competition. They also had new fundraisers this year such as the freshman and sophomore competition. The class that won the most money had the opportunity to turn Principal Dr. John Bartlett into a human sundae. They also added the silent auction. This took place before the homecoming game and was mainly for parents, but none the less was a big contributor to the fundraising efforts. On top of all of the Bearden exclusive fundraisers, they also brought in donations from other local schools such as Bearden Middle School, West Valley Middle School, and West Hills Elementary School. Zoey Line is a staff writer for The Bark. Follow The Bark on [email protected] and like The Bark (Bearden High School) on Facebook.