Tickets on sale for ‘Honky Tonk’-themed homecoming dance


Bradynn Belcher

Bearden’s campus is decorated in anticipation of Friday night’s homecoming dance.

The annual homecoming dance is an old tradition at Bearden. Due to the pandemic, Bearden’s SGA had to skip the homecoming dance for fall of 2021. 

This year, SGA is bringing it back. On Friday, students are invited to attend the 2021 homecoming dance after the football game at home against Fulton. The theme for this year is “Honky Tonk,” which coincides with country/western night, the theme for the football game.

“This is different from normal homecoming dances, so wear your cowboy hats, flannels, and overalls,” said senior Lily Benevicz, an SGA committee head overseeing homecoming.

At Bearden, the homecoming dance is an informal event in contrast with winter formal and prom.

The dance officially begins at 9 p.m., but students may wait until after the football game is over to attend, as it does not end until midnight.

“It starts at nine, but feel free to come after the game ends,” SGA president Campbell Ella said.

Tickets to the dance are $10 if bought in the West Mall during lunch this week; they are $12 at the door.

“I think people should know that it is going to be a great time,” Ella said. “It’s on the lunch patio outside. We’ll have great music and food, and even if you don’t think it’ll be fun, it can be so fun with your closest friends.”