Senior Sunrise to give opportunity to ‘make great memories,’ raise money for senior gift


Bradynn Belcher

Tickets for Friday morning’s Senior Sunrise are $2 at the door.

Senior Committee has been hard at work preparing a fun event for Bearden seniors.

Borrowing the idea from other high schools, Senior Committee decided to host a “Senior Sunrise” event Friday morning at 6:45 at the football field.

Students can purchase tickets at the door for $2. All proceeds go toward the senior gift.

For students who need more reason to get up early, there will be doughnuts and bottled water provided by Senior Committee.

This event and others like it, including “Food Trucks at the Dawghouse,” are ways to bring students together, while also raising money for the senior gift.  

“By doing the food trucks, we realized how fun it is to have that feeling of friendship with the amount of people that are at our school,” Senior Committee member Baylor Johnson said. “It’s nice to bring everyone together and make great memories.”

Senior committee has plans to hold “Senior Sunrise” again next semester so students can anticipate that event to close senior year appropriately. The Senior Committee hopes that events like “Senior Sunrise” will be fun for students and get Senior Committee closer to the money they need to raise for this year’s senior gift. 

Though seniors must navigate college applications, letters of recommendation, and volunteer hours, Senior Committee hopes this event will make good memories for the class of 2022, through what might feel like a hectic year. 

“We hope this can just be a chance for students of the same grade level to get together in a setting outside of school and just have a good time together before school,” Senior Committee sponsor Mrs. Anne Fine said.