Annual staff, theatre department name Class of 2022 superlatives, Who’s Who


Claire Langford

Freshmen Kendyl May, King Stephney, and Isabella Meisner (left to right) perform at Tuesday night’s annual skits.

Over the past few weeks, seniors have been eagerly anticipating Annual Skits to learn the results of senior superlatives to see if they were selected to represent the senior class in 12 categories. 

On Tuesday night, their wait was over.

Senior superlatives were announced at Annual Skits, an event that allows Bearden theatre students to create entertaining skits that encapsulate each superlative. The winners of the corresponding superlatives are announced after each skit.

Rather than simply announcing the winners, the theatre department opts for a fun and creative way to let the student body know who won.

Here is the list of the Class of 2022 winners:

Most Athletic: Griffen Oros and Hannah Claire Stephens
Best Looking: Charlie Nations and Andrea Adkins
Most Likely to Succeed: Dalton Peters and Lydia Pulsinelli
Wittiest: Todd Morgenegg and Elyse Lundberg
Most School Spirit: Luke Wilkins and Anna Moore
Most Talented: Joseph Ansary and Campbell Ella
Most Creative: Hadi Bhidya and Carmen Alcocer
Friendliest: Youssif Albaba and Abby Stone
Most Intellectual: Seth Arana and Lydia Pulsinelli
Best Dressed: Cody Harper and Claire Langford
Most School Service: Timyathus Spikes and Baylor Johnson
Best All Around: Reece Wood and Olivia Roddy

Being the only student in the Class of 2022 to win two prestigious awards, Pulsinelli’s hard work thus far is not unnoticed amongst her classmates.

“I’m pretty impressed that people think that highly of me,” Pulsinelli said. “I definitely wasn’t expecting to win two. I was caught completely off guard.”

After annual skits, the drama department and annual staff announced Who’s Who. Twenty-two seniors were selected by the Bearden staff to be Who’s Who winners based on their contributions and success to Bearden academics, sports, school service, clubs, leadership, and other student activities. Here is the list for the Class of 2022:

Sarah Altshuler
Seth Arana
Lily Benevicz
Elijah Bredwood
Leilani Elder
Campbell Ella
Ellie Foster
Octavia Jackson
Baylor Johnson
Ella Klenck
Elyse Lundberg
Hayden Mosely
Kenslie Myers
Dalton Peters
Lydia Pulsinelli
Timyathus Spikes
Cade Standifer
Abby Stone
Julian Strickland
Christina Tarantino
Luke Wilkins
Reece Wood

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