Bearden launches personalized online ACT program for all juniors


Bradynn Belcher

Bearden juniors all have access to Power Prep, an online individualized ACT prep program.

As an important component in college admissions and in measuring the success of students at a school, students and school faculty alike take the ACT very seriously.

At Bearden, staff have provided a program using retired practice tests and activities designed by a course instructor. Tech writing teachers still create content, but Coach John Rice has also worked to make an additional online instructional tool available for all Bearden juniors.

“I began looking for an individualized online ACT platform in the summer of 2020 because I was afraid that school might once again be interrupted due to COVID,” Coach Rice said.  

Power Prep begins with students taking a diagnostic test to determine both their strengths and weaknesses. It then produces a unique study plan designed around each student’s specific needs based on their individual answers to the test questions. 

After this, students work through the study plan to improve the areas in which they need the most help. 

Through personalized studying techniques, students are able to learn more effectively at their own pace. This new program encourages this learning technique amongst students. 

Last year, this new program was only used by juniors in tech writing classes. Because of its success, the BHS foundation and principal Mrs. Debbie Sayers worked together to make sure every junior has access this year. 

“We got some really great data from last year’s spring cohort,” Coach Rice said.

All Bearden juniors take the ACT in the spring, so Coach Rice has been working hard to get students access this semester to give plenty of time for them to prepare.