Bearden choir students to showcase talents at ‘Coffee House’


Bradynn Belcher

Bearden chorus students rehearse with Mr. Steven Brown.

The Bearden choral department holds an annual “Coffee House” performance to showcase choir students’ talents and musical passions to the Bearden community. 

This year’s event has two shows: Friday at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the library. 

“Coffee House” is a ticketed event with the purpose of offering a safe place for 9th through 12th grade choir students to provide entertainment to the Bearden community and receive authentic performing experience. 

The event has grown exponentially since Mr. Steven Brown undertook the choir director position three years ago.

“‘Coffee House’ was around here before I started at Bearden, but it has changed pretty radically since I’ve been here,” Brown said. “We used to do it as a non-ticketed event only for the students in Bearden Acapella, and it was performed in the choir room to a small crowd of usually around 40-50 people total. 

“Since I’ve been here, we’ve changed ‘Coffee House’ to a ticketed fundraiser event that is open to all of the students, from freshman to seniors, in the choral program.”

Mr. Brown has also incorporated the community in recent years. Due to donations from local businesses such as Cinnaholic, Ham n Goodys, Pop’s Doughnuts, and more, attendees will be able to enjoy free coffee, free food, and impressive entertainment.

Choir students interested in performing this Friday auditioned last Monday and Tuesday after school. They were given the previous semester to prepare pieces independently or in small groups. The auditions were graded on a rubric of entertainment fit for the event and musicality. With over 50 applicants and only 30 slots, the audition process was competitive. 

Senior pianist Joshua Cruze secured his spot in the program, but not without ample rehearsal time.

“Coffee House seemed like a really cool way to share some of the talents that I’ve been working on,” Cruze said. “I’ve been doubling down on practicing my song. Although I haven’t done it every day, ideally I practice for 45 minutes or so. 

“This way I can really commit the song to memory and make sure that I’ll put on a good performance.”

Choir students who are not performing on Friday, but still want to participate, have the opportunity to work behind the scenes by helping to wait tables, manage ticket sales, or produce the event to aid Mr. Brown to guarantee that every minor detail is covered to ensure a flawless production.

Cameron Mize is working as a double-agent for ‘Coffee House.’ She is not only performing with B-Natural as well as two additional duets, but she is also working alongside Mr. Brown to organize the event.

“When Mr. Brown approached me asking if I wanted to work alongside a few of my friends to help plan and organize the event, I jumped right on the opportunity,” Mize said. “Being able to not only perform but also work behind the scenes has been so much fun and so incredible to just be a part of the event.”

The 6 p.m. show and the 8 p.m. show are completely independent of one another. If attendees want to stay for both shows, they must buy a ticket to both, but they get a unique experience as far as talent performing. 

Tickets are $7 per person, with a $25 cap for families of four or more. Tickets can be purchased during all lunches, at the door, or on School Cash Online. 

“‘Coffee House’ is a great way to spend a Friday night supporting your classmates, even if you are not involved in the arts,” Brown said. “It is a great way to come out and support in the same way that my students have come out to sporting events.

“When we all support the other activities going on in this building, it makes us Bearden strong.”