Senior Committee ready to celebrate ‘A Moment in Time’ with Class of ’22 at Senior Luncheon


Katherine Newman

Senior Luncheon is at Hunter Valley Farms on Wednesday at noon.

This year’s senior luncheon theme is “A Moment in Time.” It will be a good chance for seniors to remember not just the past year but their overall high school experience with speeches prepared and a video of the 2021-2022 school year. 

Photographs, past and present, will be showcased at each table, and there will be disposable cameras for seniors to document the evening. Senior Luncheon will also focus on awarding and recognizing outstanding faculty and other members of the Bearden family. 

“The main awards presented and managed by the Senior Committee are the ‘Top Dawg Faculty Award’, the ‘WR Turner Award,’ and the ‘Elizabeth Regas award’ also referenced as the ‘Beautification Award,’” said Abby Stone, who is the Senior Luncheon Chair and Co Vice President.

The “Top Dog Faculty Award” is given to one faculty member of Bearden who has made the biggest impact on the Class of 2022, voted on by seniors through Canvas. The “WR Turner Award” is given to someone who makes a difference in the school through caring for students, and the “Elizabeth Regas Award” is given to someone who always puts Bearden High School in a good light.

Both the “WR Turner Award” and the “Elizabeth Regas” award are voted on by Senior Committee. In addition to organizing the awards, Senior Committee also helps put together the theme for the Senior Luncheon and plan the event through the luncheon committee.

The Senior Luncheon will be held at Hunter Valley Farms on Wednesday at 12 p.m.

“Abby and I actually got to meet with someone from Hunter Valley farms to pick the table settings and more specific details, which was really cool,” said Lily Benevicz, a member of the luncheon committee on Senior Committee. “I am super excited to see how it turns out because as students we have had almost full control of what it’s going to be.”

The “WOW Video,” a video yearbook produced annually by the Bearden Broadcasting Network, will debut at the close of Senior Luncheon. BBN has compiled highlights of this past year in a creative and engaging way, and the video will be split into four sections: academics, sports, student life, and seniors.

“We have a checklist, and I have made sure that someone is filming every major event from the beginning to the end of the school year,” BBN station director Olivia Marshall said. “We have also asked other students for fun videos they have with their friends.” 

BBN staff work all year long to create the “WOW Video” with a unique concept. It plays into this year’s Senior Luncheon theme by capturing moments in time throughout the year. Both seniors and underclassmen can watch it on after its official premier at Senior Luncheon.

Senior Luncheon will be a chance to close out high school on a high note. Students can spend the afternoon enjoying each other’s company and looking back on the past four years and all they have accomplished away from a school setting.

“I really hope (seniors) have a good time socializing with the people they’ve shared a classroom with over the past four years or longer,” Stone said. “It will hopefully give everyone a sense of closure to their high school experience because of the speeches prepared and the WOW Video.

“Personally, I am so excited.”