‘Stranger Things’ inspires resurgence of 80s pop culture for Bearden students


Ella Parker

If a Bearden student has an 80s song pulled up on Spotify, there’s a good chance it has had a resurgence of popularity thanks to Stranger Things.

Stranger Things has become renowned for bringing back the past. 

The eccentric bright clothes of Joyce Byers (played by Winona Ryder), Eleven’s cravings for Eggo waffles, and the celebration of a handful of classic songs from the 80s are only a handful of the nostalgia-inducing elements of the show. 

In regards to the pop music of the 80s, Stranger Things brought back much in that department. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the Clash, “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, and – everyone’s favorite – “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush have all become popular in Generation Z thanks to the show.

Junior Abigail Abrams said she probably listens to “Running Up That Hill” at least once a day on Spotify.

“I’ve always loved the 80s, and I’ve always wanted to live in 70s/80s time,” Abrams said. “It’s just like nostalgia. I love her voice.”

Senior Alyssa Ella has enjoyed getting to see and experience the more unique aspects of fashion. 

“I know a lot of vintage 80s tennis shoes are coming back, and the blazers, and the lower cut shoes,” Ella said. “Crop tops and mom jeans especially.”

Junior Claire Radcliffe and Ella both agreed the hair styles have also come back with the big hair, pigtails, and space buns. 

“The brightly colored athletic clothes have also made a comeback, and I love it because when I feel cute, I get a better workout,” Radcliffe said. 

Season four of Stranger Things was viewed for 188.2 million hours in the first week of availability. How is Stranger Things so popular? Why do people like it so much? 

The popularity of Stranger Things has spread not only through viewership of the show, but additionally through the reusing of the music and trends on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram; this has sent a resurgence of 70s and 80s pop culture and trends throughout young adults and teenagers.

“Our generation grew up with the kids,” said Ella, who had just finished sixth grade when the first season was released on Netflix. “We get to see into their life back then, almost how our parents lived.

“We get to see their culture and how their day played out back then without phones and so many distractions.” 

It’s safe to say that Stranger Things brought back style, music, and more, but it’s even safer to say it brought back simple friendships.

“I think people love Stranger Things because of the friendships and relationships,” Radcliffe said.