Drama department announces cast for ‘Legally Blonde’

With the recent release of the cast list for Legally Blonde , the Bearden High School drama department is working hard to bring yet another dazzling production to the stage. The lead actors and actresses this year include seniors Alex Koza, Michael Wilson, Caleb Leach, and Madison Harmon. Mrs. Leann Dickson, the musical theater director, chose to bring Legally Blonde to the Bearden stage because it played more to the cast’s comedic strengths. Compared to some of Bearden’s past musical theater productions, like Pippin and Big River , this play is much more humorous. “The group we have coming up is better suited to comedy than drama,” Mrs. Dickson said. The play tells the story of blonde sorority girl, Elle Woods, played by Koza. When Elle is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to go to law school to try and win him back. Along the way she finds that she is more suited to being a lawyer than she ever thought. “The plot is the exact same (as the movie), except it gets more in depth with each character,” Koza said. “In the movie you just see her as Elle Woods the blonde girl, but in the musical you find out more about her.” When Koza first heard Mrs. Dickson chose Legally Blonde , she knew she wanted to play Elle. “I love the movie and when I first saw it, I just loved Elle Woods,” Koza said. Throughout the play, Elle clashes with a snobby law student,Vivian, played by Koza’s good friend, junior Ashley Slimp. “The fact that we’re friends is definitely going to make it a lot funnier for everyone else,” Slimp said. Added Koza: “It’s such a higher energy show, and it’s so fast pace and fun that you’ll be in your seats dancing.” Although this is not Koza’s first Bearden musical, having been in the chorus of last year’s production of Pippin ,it will be the first time for her being the lead. Legally Blonde is scheduled to open on Thursday, Nov. 11, at 7:30 p.m. with additional shows on Nov. 13 and 14. Hannah McElroy is a staff writer for The Bark . Follow TheBark on Twitter @BeardenBARK and like The Bark (Bearden High School) on Facebook.