BHS mentoring program brings Class of 2026 together for Rising Stars event


Maddie Taylor

Bearden’s mentoring program hosted the first ever Rising Stars for freshmen last week.

When Eric Lindley was brainstorming about the perfect social event for the Class of ‘26, he immediately thought of Senior Sunrise.

The Bearden senior and mentor couldn’t help but get inspired to start a similar event for freshmen – Rising Stars.

The goal of Rising Stars, which took place during sunset last week, was to provide a short event where freshmen can socialize and make new friends without the pressure of completing schoolwork. 

“They’ve never really been around their class very much in a relaxed situation and to be able to hang with their friends with no parents, with no teachers, just themselves,” mentoring sponsor Ms. Angelia Ford said. “That’s a grown up thing to do and a joyful thing to do. I think it de-stresses us to just see nature and be outside.”

Mrs. Ford, Freshman Academy principal Mr. Greg Adams, and Freshman Academy counselor Mrs. Leslie Lee sat back and relaxed as BHS mentoring students organized the event. The mentors did it all, bringing popcorn, popsicles, games, and music.

Even though Rising Stars was planned on a short timeline, the turnout was still plentiful. This year’s event marked hopefully the first of many; BHS mentoring club plans to have a similar event the next year.  

“I thought it went really well,” Lindley said. “There was a lot of turnout. I didn’t think there was gonna be, but there were a lot of people there, so I was really happy.”

Added freshman Spencer Manire: “It was fun to socialize and just be there, make new friends, learn new people and new crowds.” 

Due to the success of Rising Stars, BHS mentoring is planning on having other freshman events throughout the year designed to bring the Class of 2026 together.