SGA hopes to build on last year’s momentum with ‘Greece vs. Peace’ homecoming dance


Ella Parker

Bearden students celebrate Honky Tonk homecoming in 2021. SGA is excited to build on what they started with last year’s dance.

Bearden’s SGA has been working hard to continue the success of last year’s Honky Tonk homecoming dance.

Seniors Ranya Joshi and Mia Stopka, co-chairs of the SGA homecoming and bonding committee, have been preparing for the homecoming dance for a little over a month. 

This year’s homecoming theme is Greece vs. Peace. Seniors will dress up in togas while the underclassmen dress in tie dye and 70s disco apparel. 

The dance will be held on the back patio outside the cafeteria after the homecoming football game Friday at Bearden against Bradley Central. 

Tickets are $10 and are being sold outside of the West Mall Office during lunch. Tickets will be $15 at the door. All costs will help SGA raise money for other club endeavors.

Committee members have been in communication with Bearden’s student section leaders to come up with a fitting theme for the dance. The Greece vs. Peace theme was an easy way to celebrate the annual tradition of seniors wearing togas while incorporating a disco-themed element for underclassmen.

SGA has been working hard to make the dance have a fun inviting environment for all grade levels. Since last year’s homecoming was the first since the Covid-19 pandemic started, leaders didn’t know what to expect, but the event was a big success. 

The committee is hoping that the success from last year will carry over to this year. There have already been many tickets sold. 

Unlike other Knox County schools, homecoming at Bearden is not a formal event. 

“It is casual so you can come straight from the football game,” Joshi said. 

Added Stopka: “The impression from last year is going to hold for this year as well.”

Coming to homecoming does not just give students a chance to have a fun experience with their peers. It also allows them to meet new people and create long lasting memories.