Bearden student section ready for Rivalry Thursday against Farragut


Valerie Kinson

The Bearden student section celebrates during the Bulldogs’ 14-10 win over Oak Ridge.

The Bearden-Farragut football game has always been one of the most anticipated games in the East Tennessee area, and this year’s student section leaders are especially excited for this year’s Kingston Pike rivalry.

Cayden Douglas, Brady Frederick, Izzie Hummel, Anastasia James, Meghan Oros, and Jake Poole are leading this year’s student section.

Bearden sports run on fan support, encouragement, and uplifting cheering. The BHS student section’s biggest goal is to get as many students at the games as possible.

“We are trying to get more consistent attendance from everyone, all classes, and we’re trying to have it be more fun to attend all these games and to get everyone involved,” said Douglas, who is also a football player but will join the student section leaders for other sporting events.

The student section leaders have sought to incorporate more creative themes like Country vs. Country Club, Bikers vs. Surfers, Ski Night, and P.J. Night.

“For this season, we have tried to change up the themes as much as we could,” James said. “We felt as if the people might have been getting bored with having the same thing every year, so we added some changes.”

But they’re not abandoning the classics. Thursday night’s 7 p.m. kickoff with Farragut is still a black out.

“When we play our rival Farragut, hopefully the whole school will come out for that one,and get very hyped,” Poole said. “Our biggest goal is to get everyone there, and to get loud for every play, and every game.”