Bearden choir’s winter concert set to help students prepare for New York trip this spring


Natalia Havasy

Bearden’s 2021-22 choir poses for a picture after a show last year.

The Bearden choir program is anticipating their winter concert Tuesday night, but they have their sights set on a goal later on this year: performing in the Octavo Festival Chorus at Carnegie Hall in New York City this spring. 

Bearden choir’s winter concert will be held in the BHS auditorium with performances from the West Valley Middle School choir at 6 p.m. and the Bearden choir at 8 p.m.

“Working with West Valley’s choral program allows for the middle schoolers to get a good idea of what high school choir looks like and allows their families to get a good idea as well,” choir president Cameron Mize said. “Ultimately, it allows both programs to grow and bond with each other.”

A bake sale will be held before both performances to raise money for the trip to New York City, and the choir is hoping it will be a successful fundraiser taking them one step closer to their financial goal for their trip. 

“All the proceeds from the bake sale go towards sponsoring and helping students afford to travel to New York with us in the spring, as well as general program costs like field trips and new music,” Mize said. 

The Octavo Festival is a four-day event that includes sightseeing around the city and rehearsal with renowned conductors – all culminating with an evening concert and reception. 

Bearden choir had the opportunity to work with guest conductor Dr. Cameron Weatherford from Lee University last year, who is now conducting the Octavo Festival Chorus this year. 

“After working with Bearden Singers, he decided that we were a good fit for the choir he had envisioned and extended the opportunity to us,” Mize said. 

Mize and the rest of Bearden choir are excited to go through this experience, and the choir board hopes it will be an opportunity for the program to grow and expand their talents. 

“Working with all of the incredible performers at the festival will both challenge and encourage our singers, and will hopefully grow and strengthen our group as a whole,” Mize said.