Bearden students enjoy blend of competitive, fun atmosphere in WBBL


Devin Alley

Many Bearden students have found WBBL a fun, competitive way to hang out with their friends.

One of the most popular out-of-school activities at Bearden is a competitive recreational basketball league – the West Bearden Basketball League, better known as WBBL.

WBBL is a way for some of the students who don’t usually play basketball to get a chance to play with their friends. Most students play different sports that aren’t in season during WBBL, which gives them a chance to play a different sport. 

Most teams have goofy, unique names, uniforms, and mascots. A team of sophomore boys play on the Balling Beavers, which is inspired by the superstore Bucee’s. 

Most teams usually practice once a week, but sometimes twice for championship game week. There are games almost every Saturday, usually one for each team.

Teams do not have to be aligned by school, so Bearden students can play both with and against their friends from other schools.

“I’ve waited all year,” sophomore Andrew Lemons said. “Around the year, I’ve been waiting. 

“It’s the best part of the year. It’s around the holidays and Christmas, and when you mix those two parts of the year together, it makes it the best time of the year.”

The season starts in early November and goes to the end of January, giving plenty of time to play. There are plenty of teams in different grades at Bearden that play, which leads to plenty of rivalries between teams in each grade. 

One of the biggest rivalries is in the sophomore grade: the Hortons and the Hot Cheetos.

Sophomore Eli Vaughn is on the Hortons, who have won the championship every year that they have been in the league, but they have strong competitors in the Hot Cheetos.

“We’re 4-1 right now,” Vaughn said. “We’ve only lost to Parker Cooley’s team (Hot Cheetos), but it was a fluke game for us.

“We’re gonna come back around. … We’re coming for that win, and another championship this year.”

Sophomore Kai Ironside, a starter for the Bearden football team, of Buckets International enjoys getting to play a sport for recreational purposes without the pressure of a high school sport. 

“I like to play basketball, but I’m not good enough for the school team, and it’s easier to play with all of your friends, so it makes the experience more fun,” Ironside said.