Jones helps Bearden wrestlers grow through unconventional strategies in first year as new coach


Bearden wrestling Coach Jack Jones (left) has incorporated unconventional techniques into practice to help his athletes grow.

Coach Jack Jones has incorporated some non-traditional methods of coaching into his first year as Bearden’s wrestling coach, and he plans to do more in the future to help athletes learn and grow their game.

Coach Jones was a state qualifier in high school and was an assistant coach for Jefferson County and Volunteer High School before coming to Bearden.

Students have worked on jiu-jitsu, MMA, and grappling this year.

“I think the martial arts Coach Jones incorporates into wrestling is extremely helpful,” senior Kiera Blevins said. “Jiu-jitsu is a lot of fighting from your back, and translating that into a wrestling setting to help fight off your back to not get pinned is extremely effective.”

Coach Jones also focuses on individuals’ wrestling and overall style.

“Our coaches have a wide variety of grappling knowledge, and I want each wrestler to find their own game through our coaches’ knowledge in the offseason as well as strength and conditioning,” Coach Jones said.

Coach Jones wants to implement wrestling skills that will go hand-in-hand with athletes’ outside lives.

“(Famous wrestler) Dan Gable has a famous quote: ‘Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.’ I want these kids to experience that saying,” Coach Jones said.

“I want them to have the confidence on the mats, as well as in the everyday struggles.”

Coach Jones hopes he can help each athlete fall in love with the sport of wrestling, but acknowledges that it takes many years to master.

“I want them to want to learn more,” he said. “The championship will come if they buy into that.”

When asked about his experience working with the wrestling team, Coach Jones said that he loves working with the athletes and the dynamic of the group as a whole.

“I love the kids I get to work with and love the bond the entire program is creating,” Coach Jones said.