Treadwell’s leadership role grows for Lady Bulldogs, but her dominance in the paint remains constant


Meghan Oros

Florida State signee Avery Treadwell is having another banner year for the Lady Bulldogs.

Two things certainly haven’t changed since last year: The Lady Bulldogs have continued their pattern of dominance, and Avery Treadwell has been an asset to Bearden’s great start.

One big difference, though, is that Treadwell is carrying a much bigger share of the leadership load after the defending state champions lost five seniors.

As a 6-foot-3 Florida State signee, Treadwell gets considerable attention from both the media and the competition.

“It is stressful knowing I have even more eyes on me due to my commitment, but honestly it’s nice,” Treadwell said. “Before my offer with FSU, I wasn’t completely satisfied with any of the places I could have gone to, but after I got the opportunity, I just knew it was right for me.”

Treadwell has always been a leader, but her leadership responsibilities have grown significantly this year as the only senior.

“Last year I was even a leader on the floor,” she said. “I had to fill more of a role this year because last year there were five of them and now there’s just me.”

Sophomore Kendall Murphy sees Treadwell as a big inspiration not just for the team, but also for herself. 

“She is very upbeat,” Murphy said. “When we’re in practice and something isn’t going right, she always brings energy and everyone feeds off of her.

“Avery pushes me very hard and helps in practice by telling me what I am doing right and wrong.”

Not only is Treadwell an asset to the physical gameplay, but her personal relationships with the team aid them in their mental performance. This comes in handy when they face big competitors and rivals – such as their game against Farragut on Friday.

The Lady Bulldogs host the Lady Admirals at 6 p.m., and the boys will follow at 7:30. Bearden won the first meeting 49-41.

“Avery always tells us everything will be okay,” Murphy said. “Since she is the leader, everyone listens to her and takes what she says to heart.” 

Even going into those big games, Treadwell knows she has to set the tone, regardless of whether or not she is nervous.

“Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it,” Treadwell said. “If I am going into the Farragut game looking extremely nervous, then everyone else will too.

“I have to control myself from within and then help everyone else.”

Friday’s game is a rematch of last year’s state championship game. The environment for the rivalry is always motivational to the team.

“We are playing on our home court, so hopefully we have that advantage,” Murphy said. “We are more prepared, and we have grown as a team since then.”

Added Treadwell: “The crowd is my favorite part of the rivalry. It is the craziest game of the year, especially when we go there because people show up and show out.”