Anderson prepares for his Bearden theatre debut as John Proctor in ‘The Crucible’


Emma Yount

Sophomore Luke Anderson will make his debut on the Bearden stage with one of theatre’s most famous roles.

Bearden Theatre is back in full swing with preparations for The Crucible in April.

Arthur Miller’s 1953 classic is about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and is regarded as a theatrical masterpiece with interwoven themes of suspicion, irrational fears, and abuse of power. 

The students in the Advanced Theatre Performance class are those who audition for roles in the semester production. Director Ms. Katie Alley says that she wanted a change of pace for the spring performance. 

“I was ready and felt my students were ready to sink our teeth into something gritty and dark, so the Crucible is a change of pace for us,” she said.

Sophomore Luke Anderson is playing protagonist John Proctor in his debut on the Bearden stage.

“Luke really showed that he understood the gravity of Proctor’s moral dilemma at this moment in the play,” Ms. Alley said.

Anderson says that he prepared for the audition by “memorization and trying to figure out what the character was feeling.”

The casting panel was comprised of Ms. Alley, musical theatre teacher Mrs. Lauren Andrejko, Improv Club sponsor Mr. Rollin Prince, retired Bearden theatre teacher Mrs. Leann Dickson, and student director Bella Patterson.

“Casting a play is like putting a puzzle together,” Ms. Alley said. “You have the right number of pieces, but you have to stand back and see where the pieces fit together best. Ultimately, Luke fit the John Proctor puzzle piece best for our production.” 

Mrs. Alley described Luke as “a very disciplined young man. He is humble and ready to learn. I am inspired daily by Luke’s growth in this role.” 

Performances of The Crucible will be the weekend of April 14. Tickets will be $12 for general admission and $15 for reserved seating.