Bearden Parking 101: Information that students need to know about parking on campus


Davis Taylor

Students must have a Bearden parking tag to park on campus, and they must park in approved areas.

The growth of Bearden’s student population has begun to have a significant impact on parking. 

Bearden has 508 juniors and 468 seniors (976 upperclassmen in total), but the two student lots only have 525 parking spots. Due to the number of upperclassman parking passes this year, sophomores are not allowed to drive to school.

The junior and senior lots are no longer divided by grade, and the academic achievement spots are no longer active for students. Those have been allocated to teachers to make room for the growing staff.

Seniors were only allowed to purchase the reserved spots at the beginning of the year. This was a fundraiser for the band, where students pay extra money to have the same spot every day.

A student who takes someone’s reserved spot the first time would receive a warning in Aspen; the second offense means the student loses his or her parking pass for two weeks.

If students with reserved spots get to school and their reserved spots are taken, they should get the student parking tag number and bring it to the East Mall Office to let someone know. If the care does not have a hang tag, the student should get the license plate number.

Students with Bearden parking tags should try to park in the CTE Lot if they cannot find a parking spot in the Dawg Lot (next to soccer field and tennis court).