Open for business: Students market jewelry for unique cause

Almost a year after returning from a church mission trip to South Africa, Anna Cate Hale and Annie Pickle have discovered a way to raise money for a special charity through Bearden’s Leadership Class. Hale, a senior, and Pickle, a junior, have chaired a service project for an organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa, called Door of Hope. “We were each asked to choose a project to work on for the year,” Hale said. “Africa has had a continuous effect on our lives and we have been praying about a way to stay involved. “We decided it would be neat to affiliate with an organization we had visited while in Africa.” The concept behind Door of Hope, essentially a small orphanage, is truly unique. “Along the sidewalk in South Africa, there’s like a drop box,” Hale said. “Inside there’s censors and a blanket, and when people don’t want their baby they can put it in there. “It sends a message to the orphanage to come pick up the baby.” Hale and Pickle are currently selling handmade accessories in the West Mall at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays to benefit the program. Ranging from $4-$15, hair flowers, parachute bracelets, and monogrammed necklaces will be available for purchase. “The last pre-order day is next Thursday, April 19,” Pickle said. “We’re taking donations, too.” Hale and Pickle hope to raise $2,300 for Door of Hope, enough to sponsor six children. “It’s for doctor visits, food, clothing, upkeep of the orphanage, everything that they need,” Pickle said. The facility only holds 12 children at a time, but Door of Hope would like to open a second location in Soweto sometime in the next year. Shelters like these are greatly needed in places like South Africa, where over 200 babies are abandoned monthly. Bearden’s spring Leadership class is also raising money for Food for Kids and Young Williams Animal Shelter, although this is the first international cause they have contributed to this school year. “We’re trying to cater to a lot of different organizations so that we can help out lots of different people out in the school and in the community,” Leadership teacher Mrs. Rachel Harmon said. “Hopefully our donation base will be compelled to give to something.” And why not purchase a few new accessories while they’re at it? “We are so excited to see the Bearden community get involved with an organization that is so close to our hearts,” Hale said. Rachel Riley is the news editor for The Bark. Follow The Bark on Twitter @BeardenBARK and like The Bark (Bearden High School) on Facebook.