Key Club members gain valuable experience at Kentucky-Tennessee District Convention


Bearden’s Key Club traveled to Kentucky for a district convention earlier in April.

Bearden’s Key Club traveled to the Kentucky-Tennessee District Convention earlier this month where students were given the opportunity to learn more about the club’s goals.

Students were able to vote for representatives in the Kentucky-Tennessee district. The convention had multiple speakers and seminars where club members could learn more about reaching out to the community.

“I thought the most interesting part of district convention was the fact that there were so many passionate people on the board that were working towards things to lift our community up,” junior Payal Patel said.

This was Key Club’s first year traveling to the district convention, but junior Ryan Marsh hopes to attend again next year. 

“I thought they did a good job of mixing their message with entertainment,” Marsh said. “It was good to see the reach that the Key Club has and that people are willing to serve others.” 

Key Club exists to help students develop leadership skills and gives them the opportunity to get involved in service work with their community. Marsh had a memorable experience at the Ronald McDonald house as a volunteer.

“They raised money by using their parking lot for the UT football games,” Marsh said. “My friends and I met a lot of new people and it was nice that it was for a selfless cause. 

“We raised the most money in the district so it was very successful.”

Bearden had their student elections for next year. Ella Parker was elected as the club’s president and Abby Hurst as treasurer.