Fenech prepares to start college abroad with fall semester in London


Izzy Fenech (center) stars as Georgia Hendricks in Bearden’s fall production of Curtains.

Bearden senior Izzy Fenech will begin her post-secondary studies abroad next semester in London, where she will study vocal performance and psychology while getting opportunities to advance her acting career.

Fenech has had starring roles in each of the Bearden Theatre department’s shows this school year. She will be enrolled as a student at Tennessee, but will spend the first semester in England.

“London is where Shakespeare’s greatest works were written and performed, so I’ll be taking classes in Shakespeare’s Globe and joining community theater groups around the area,” she said. 

Traveling abroad has always been something Fenech wanted to do and when this opportunity popped up, she felt like she couldn’t turn it down. She chose London over five other possibilities on three continents.

“I looked at all of the campuses and the class opportunities I would get in each location, and London seemed like the best fit for me,” she said. 

Senior Alyssandra Schnell has been in multiple productions with Fenech and knows how far she can go as an artist.

“Her dedication to what she does makes her a good actress,” Schnell said. “She takes her job seriously and she’s always willing to hear her director, choreographer, and cast mates out.

“I think London is an amazing opportunity, and I believe she will truly thrive there. It will show her a new side of theater and music.”

Fenech hopes to move to New York and get a job in the performing arts. She is not sure yet if she’ll want to go back to London after her time there next fall.

“I think it definitely depends on the experiences I have while I’m over there, but I know that it’s going to be something that sticks with me forever,” she said. “I’m definitely someone who wants to be in a big city, so it’s very likely I’ll end up back in London at some point in my career.

“I’m most excited about the learning opportunities I can learn from people in different cultures. I’ll be traveling to Italy, Scotland, France, Germany, and obviously England taking classes in all of the different cities, and I’m eager to hear what each of them have to say and their different takes on performance.

“I’m also obviously very excited for cute little coffee shops and London tea parties.”