Girls lacrosse reflects on successful first season as Bearden-only team


Senior Payton Arline prepares to shoot in a game against Catholic this season.

The Bearden girls lacrosse team finished its season with a record of 11-4. Payton Arline, one of four talented departing seniors, is proud of her teammates and their success as Bearden competed for the first time without being combined with another school.

“I am really excited to have been on the first lacrosse team under Bearden’s name, I just wish it happened a little sooner,” Arline said. “This has definitely been my favorite season out of all of them.

“My biggest takeaway is that when you have the right talent and the right group of girls you can really make magic happen.” 

There are a handful of teammates moving up the roster and more than likely a handful of new students planning on trying out. 

“My advice to rising teammates or new friends trying out, get close with your teammates,” Arline said. 

Ava Hsieh, a rising junior, has loved being a part of this team. 

“Everyone is really supportive on the team,” Hsieh said. “The captains would take you to lunch and help you prepare for game day.

“My favorite thing from this past season was probably just learning to play on a team like this and get to know my captains.” 

Arline loves her teammates, including Hsieh, and will miss her team dearly. 

“If I could go back and do it again I would,” Arline said. “I would love to go out and have five more minutes on the girls with those girls.”