BHS freshman president Hasan to run for state office

Bearden’s freshman class president will take on a major challenge in coming weeks. Adam Hasan is running for the Tennessee Association of Student Councils office of East Tennessee Representative. The election will take place at TASC’s annual spring convention the weekend of March 9-11. “I am not surprised to see Adam step up and run,” SGA sponsor Mrs. Rachel Harmon said. “He is a great freshman class president, and he is eager to lead others.” The position of East Tennessee Representative requires Hasan to plan a fall workshop for high school and middle school student councils across the Tennessee region. A Bearden student has not held the title since Drew Stover was elected in 2008. “Since not many people run for state office their first year of high school, I’m feeling pretty excited about being able to take on the task of running a campaign and planning a workshop, as well as connecting with student leaders from other schools in our region,” Hasan said. Though Hasan will most likely run unopposed at the convention in Bristol, he has begun planning a campaign. “The Bearden High School Student Government has been really supportive of my candidacy, and we’re working together to plan my campaign,” Hasan said. “The direction we’re headed in right now is a coffee theme, since I roast coffee as a hobby in my spare time.” Hasan plans to pass out small coffee-oriented gifts and flyers with his slogan, “Get energized for leadership,” printed on them at the upcoming convention. “Adam is certainly a great fit for East Tennessee rep,” junior class president Madison Harmon said. “He is a very organized and energized leader.” Last year, Harmon was elected as TASC’s vice president. Responsibilities of her office include supervising TASC’s annual state service project, organizing this year’s election, and attending executive board meetings. Harmon and Hasan’s candidacy show a definite push for Bearden’s SGA to become more involved with other student councils of the region. Hasan plans to continue at the school as well as state level for the 2012-2013 school year. “Next year, I hope to continue to hold a leadership position at Bearden by running for sophomore class president,” Hasan said. Rachel Riley is the news editor for The Bark. Follow The Bark on Twitter @BeardenBARK, and like The Bark (Bearden High School) on Facebook.