BHS junior poet to be published, eligible for $1,000 prize

… A core of volcanic ash, Pillars of fire to blame… Boulders of glaciers, Shards of ice… This is what Nick Wardley experienced and recorded in his award-nominated poem “Incinerated / Frostbitten.” Wardley, a Bearden junior, has been selected by World Poetry Movement to have his poem published in an upcoming book, Stars in Our Hearts , which qualifies him as a semifinalist in the International Open Poetry Contest with a grand prize of $1,000. Less than eight percent of the poems World Poetry Movement receives are selected to be published. Wardley’s inspiration for his writing comes from a mix of depression and love. His goal was to put his feelings into a “majestic masterpiece of words.” “Incinerated/Frostbitten” describes the destructiveness of fire and how it ravages his body and torments his soul. In the poem, Wardley describes the devastating effects of hell, “… Powerful streaks of magma, Waves of magnificent fire bolts of hot force…” The only organ to survive, according to the poem, is his strong-willed heart. “The pain and the fire forged me into a stronger person,” Wardley said. The second part of Wardley’s poem contains his favorite element – ice. Ice and cold can be as destructive and unforgiving as fire, he said. Poetry is an art form through which Wardley can express himself. “It’s a huge relief to get everything that’s been trapped in my subconscious out,” he said, “and to see my soul on paper. “It helps people get a better understanding of who I am as a person.” Ms. Catherine Wood, Wardley’s former English teacher, said he is “very bright, very intuitive, and sensitive.” That combination, along with life experiences, fuels some powerful poetry, according to Ms. Wood. “He is a great kid,” Mrs. Wood said. “I hope he joins the creative writing club. … He is an inspiration to others.” The poem will be published in Smears of Ink, the Bearden literary magazine. “It has the same penetrating emotion as a Sylvia Plath poem,” creative writing teacher Mrs. Gail Corey said. “Poetry is a wonderful outlet for expressing emotions.” Wardley is most excited to see his work published. “It’s a huge step for me,” he said. “It gives me the confidence, drive, and determination to continue writing.” Wardley has a great appreciation for poetry and says it will always be a part of his life regardless of what future career path he chooses. Stars in our Hearts is set to be published March 2012 and will be sold at Barnes and Nobles and other local book stores as well as on . Incinerated / Frostbitten By Nick Wardley An uplift of Scorches, An enigma set aflame A core of volcanic ash, Pillars of fire to blame Powerful streaks of magma, Waves of magnificent fire bolts of hot force, Tearing through; so dire Abrupt shafts of Hell, Increasing more and more Continue thus; dastardly flames, I tolerate these burns galore My inner sanctum is destroyed, fire seared my bonds apart The only organ that survived the pain, My strong willed heart Boulders of glaciers, Shards of Ice Icicles lacerate my thoughts, Cutting through with a slice Piles of snow, A frozen pool Yet again I am tormented, By this icy rule An igloo lies ahead, This shall be my hero However; I’m mistaken, For it actually houses absolute zero I embrace this cold coffin, Peaceful as a dove My body may be petrified, but what’s not is my love Katie Griffith is a news writer for The Bark. Follow The Bark on Twitter @BeardenBARK, and like The Bark (Bearden High School) on Facebook.