SGA class service projects provide volunteering opportunities on campus

This week has been full of charity work around Bearden, from the sophomore class giving a hand to teachers to the senior class making janitors’ jobs a little easier. Senior and sophomore members of SGA participated in these efforts as class service projects. Sophomores have visited classrooms to help out with tedious tasks like filing papers, while seniors have been working to assist janitors in cleaning up the school. “Every day this week after school we go and help the teachers with whatever they need,” sophomore SGA member Laura Harris said. The idea was brought up in an SGA class meeting when the 10 th graders were trying to come up with a service project that would not require leaving campus. Any teachers interested in having “Santa’s Little Helpers,” as the students call themselves, were given the opportunity to sign up for assistance one day this week. Seniors are also helping out this week in a similar way. A group of seniors stayed after school Tuesday and helped the janitors for about an hour, wiping door handles and window panes all around the school. “I think they appreciated it, seeing us help them and seeing that we care about the school,” senior Megan Sheppard said. The seniors are done with their winter charity project, but the sophomore class will be helping teachers all week. Katelyn Kleinhans is a staff writer for The Bark. Follow The Bark on Twitter @BeardenBARK and like The Bark (Bearden High School) on Facebook.