Second album provides more of same ‘Whatever’ attitude from Hot Chelle Rae

Some people listen to music for the lyrics, some people listen to music for the instruments or rhythm, and some people listen for a mixture of the three. But sometimes, people just want to dance. Hit singles such as “Stereo Hearts” (Gym Class Heroes), “Party Rock Anthem” (LMFAO), and “It Girl” (Jason Derulo) have become iPod and radio favorites ever since they were released simply because they make you want to jump up off the couch and embarrassingly dance around. If you find this type of entertainment inspiring, Hot Chelle Rae’s sophomore album Whatever , released Nov. 29, is the perfect go-to album. Fans of this Nashville-based band got a preview of the album’s upbeat style with the hit singles “Tonight, Tonight” and “I Like It Like That,” not to mention their previous album Lovesick Electric . The band hasn’t changed much since then. Hot Chelle Rae makes it clear, however, from the beginning of the album, that they are really setting out to have fun rather than provide substantial entertainment. The pop/punk band has a sound that reminds listeners of the days when they spent all of their time at the mall or the skate park. Indeed, the groups who hang out in these places may have just found their new favorite album, especially if they are looking for something to relate to their newfound teenage angst. Nearly every song is about crazy partying, such as “Honestly,” a girl who is clearly missing out on a relationship with lead vocalist Ryan Follese, or the fact that none of them really care about anything (as the title track “Whatever” points out). As a result, every song winds up sounding almost identical, despite best efforts of Nash Overstreet on guitar and Jamie Follese on drums. And although the album tries to keep things interesting with help from the New Boyz in their most recent single “I Like It Like That” and with Demi Lovato in “Why Don’t You Love Me,” the addition of a Disney Channel star only makes them sound more cliché. Listening to a few tracks on Youtube may be worth it, though a purchase of the album probably isn’t. But, as I said earlier, if all you want to do is dance and sing along, Whatever has a feel good sound, if only a repetitive one. Overall rating: 4/10