‘Footloose’ remake missing charm of original

Usually, the general public comes to a consensus that the original always outshines the remake. The 2011 version of Footloose is no different, bringing with it only minimal changes to its counterpart from the 1980s. Director Craig Brewer seemed to have intended for this film to be practically identical to the original apart from its more modernized flair, with racing school buses instead of tractors and Kenneth Wormald instead of Kevin Bacon. The movie matches the well-known story told in the 1984 version: newcomer Ren MacCormack (Wormald) reawakens a quiet town that has banned dancing and loud music. Ren meets the uptight minister’s daughter Ariel Moore (Julianne Hough) and falls for her instantly, causing a feverish desire in the town for them to cut loose and dance again. The dancing in the movie, however, leaves something to be desired. Although a two-time champion of Dancing With the Stars plays Ariel, the dancing includes little of the spunk one would expect out of a group of talented teenagers. Music included in the film may be the most unique attribute of this 21 st century replica, as it provides new foot tapping tunes along with the comfort of Kenny Loggins’s title track “Footloose,” in an arrangement that works together to create a catchy soundtrack. Also, as is often the case in a remake, the actors do not seem to carry as much personality as the initial cast list. Kevin Bacon is, unfortunately, nowhere to be found, and neither is his charm. Overall, the new Footloose seems to add nothing more to the original allure created by the first film. If you’ve already seen the 1984 edition, there is little reason to rush to the theater to see this one. Overall rating: 3.5/10