12 things you didn’t know about this year’s superlative winners

You are probably aware that Lacey Tragesser is Senior Class President, or that Caroline Williams is a leader of Bearden’s cheerleading team, or that Spencer Streno is starring in this year’s musical. But how much do you really know about this year’s superlative winners? Here are a few facts: 1. Oliver Feng, Most Likely to Succeed: “I have seen all four seasons of The O.C. ” 2. Lacey Tragesser, Most School Service: “When I was born, they made a mistake and thought I was a boy. They wrapped me in a blue blanket, and the name on my crib was ‘Logan Alexander’ instead of ‘Lacey Alexander’.” 3. Kristi Granger, Friendliest: “I have a passion for bears, and I really like peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.” 4. Ben Pollack, Best Looking: “Kristi Granger is my personal hero.” 5. Travis Graham, Most Creative: “I’m an entrepreneur when it comes to the delicate practice of pancake making and cookie baking as an art form.” 6. Spencer Streno, Most Talented: “I have an ear condition called tinnitus. It’s supposed to affect my perception of pitch.” 7. Caroline Williams, Most School Spirit: “GiGi’s Cupcakes is my favorite store in Turkey Creek.” 8. Allie Dew, Best Dressed: “The first day of freshman year, I tripped over the speed bump in the Vocational Lot and tumbled down the hill.” 9. Drew Standifer, Most Athletic: “Oliver Feng taught me how to dunk.” 10. Peggy Pfeifer, Wittiest: “I can do the perfect hawk impression.” 11. Madison Stott, Most Intellectual: “My lifelong dream is to throw a gold ring into a volcano and then fly away on a giant eagle.” 12. Sara Grace Pelot, Best All Around: “I have a fear of deep water, but I’m on the swim team.”