Class of 2012 superlative, Who’s Who winners

Senior Superlatives Best All Around: Peter Blaze and Sara Grace Pelot Most School Service: Ben Reeves and Lacey Tragesser Most Talented: Spencer Streno and Beth Ann Stripling Wittiest: Brandon Mansfield and Peggy Pfeifer Most School Spirit: Charlie Baine and Caroline Williams Best Dressed: Raphael Robinson and Allie Dew Most Intellectual: Madison Stott and Honor Lundt Friendliest: Colton Leboeuf and Kristi Granger Most Likely to Succeed: Oliver Feng and Lauren DeBusk Most Creative: Travis Graham and Rachel Riley Best Looking: Ben Pollack and Rachel McCauley Most Athletic: Drew Standifer and Rebecca Stover Who’s Who* Lauren DeBusk Allie Dew Oliver Feng Cozette Gaspard Sara Hnilica Derek Lance Honor Lundt Megan McClure Emily McInturff Christian Peake Leah Pearl Caroline Poore Ben Reeves Rachel Riley Drew Standifer Rebecca Stover Delaney Thomas Tor Voorhees Seth Watkins Caroline Williams *Who’s Who winners are 20 seniors voted on each year by BHS faculty to recognize students’ exceptional leadership in the classroom, on the field, and in clubs and extracurriculars. These students have had significant impact on their peers, teachers, and the surrounding community.