New Senior Committee members make plans for 11-12 school year

Senior class president Lacey Tragesser and twenty other Senior Committee members met in Mrs. Anna Marie Hughes’s room on Wednesday for their first meeting of the year. Sarah Ward is this year’s senior class vice president, with Rachel Riley as class secretary and Abigail Kirkland as class treasurer. The other members, elected by the senior class, were announced last week. “I wanted to be in Senior Committee because it represents the best of the school,” member Cameron Bard said. “The thing we are most excited about is senior gift.” The Senior Committee is in charge of planning several senior events, raising money for a senior gift, and completing community and service projects. “We are facilitators for the students as well as the parents and as well as the administration,” Mrs. Hughes said. Members discussed rules and regulations of the committee as well as fundraising techniques at their meeting on Wednesday. In addition to the senior girls’ shirts sold at the beginning of the year, Senior Committee will also be selling sunglasses. The Ray-Ban style shades will come in an assortment of neon colors and have Bearden’s name printed on the side. This year’s Senior Committee will be providing parents with suggestions for Project Graduation, arranging entertainment for the Senior Luncheon, and organizing a program for the Senior Celebration. Students also plan to clean Bearden’s Memorial Garden in the fall and the spring. “Our favorite part about Senior Committee is working with Mrs. Hughes,” member Peter Blaze said. Meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 until 4. All 12 th grade students are allowed to attend, but only official members are allowed to vote.