SEALE: Blinded by the ‘Pants’

Knoxville is seeing orange…pants. UT head football coach Derek Dooley sparked a fashion trend when he donned orange pants in each of Tennessee’s first three football games this season. Sitting in my nosebleed seat at the Montana game, I was blinded by their magnificence. Ever since, I’ve been in love. Many fans believed that the Pants were a good luck charm, helping in the Vols’ victories over Montana and Cincinnati. Unfortunately, we were proved wrong with this week’s loss against Florida and the loss of wide receiver Justin Hunter for the season. So the Pants might not be lucky, but hey, they sure are eye-catching. With 25,000 fans on a Facebook page in the pants’ honor, I apparently am not the only one that believes this. In my research I also noticed there is a Facebook page called “I Hate Derek Dooley’s Orange Pants.” It had three fans. So, obviously, the Pants are a huge success, but where did they come from and how can I get a pair? The Pants are made of England-shipped cotton and dyed three times to get them the right (and best) shade of orange. Custom tailor John H. Daniel made the Pants and is, unfortunately, not selling any lookalikes. But, goodness knows, as soon as the knock-offs hit the racks, I’ll be buying a pair to wear to Neyland to cheer on the big orange…Pants.